1. Where is the camp located?

Our location changes every year, however we are usually at a site between Abbotsford and Merritt. We drive campers from King Road Church in Abbotsford up to the site with buses – transportation to and from King Road Church on the first and last day of camp is  the responsibility of the parents/guardians. Because we do not always use the same site, we build the entire camp up each year.

2. Are there washrooms?

Because we setup camp in a different location every year, we have outhouses (boys and girls separate). We have staff who clean them every day. There are also a couple washing stations. At night the outhouses are lit and campers are encouraged to ask their counsellor(s) to come with them if they want.

3. What type of food is served?

The food is great! The kitchen provides wholesome, balanced meals and is run under the supervision of “food safe” staff.  It ranges from spaghetti and caesar salad to BBQ chicken. We setup the kitchen with specialized tent, sinks, counters and proper wood floor; all necessary precautions (cleanliness, allergies etc.) are taken.

4. Do campers get candy/dessert?

There is a snack time every afternoon (cookies/squares, fruit and juice) and candy is sometimes awarded as a prize (usually to entire groups) for different activities etc.

5. What do campers sleep in and with who?

Campers normally sleep in 10 ft by 20 ft canopy shelters, although in the past we have had pre-built tepees, pre‐built treehouses and other shelters. Campers need to bring a sleeping bag and foamie (we have some if campers don’t). In the youngest week ages range from grade 4 ‐ 6, but we make sure it is a good balance (i.e. never seven grade 6 girls with one grade 4 girl). Campers can also choose on their registration form which friends they want to be in a group with. Two counsellors sleep in each shelter with their group.

6. What do campers need to bring?

A full list of supplies is provided once your child has been registered.

7. Is there a shower?

We have a shower; however it is primarily for the kitchen staff. We always find a site close to water (lake or river) and campers spend a lot of time swimming (during which they wash their hair etc.)

8. Do campers feel safe at night?

Each group of 8 campers is taken care of by two counsellors who sleep in the same tent as them. Each group goes on “nightwatch” once a week as part of the story, but campers do not need to go if they don’t want. Any “story events” that occur on nightwatch do not happen near the camper sleeping area so that they are able to feel safe when they sleep.

9. Can campers contact parents if needed?

In the past, our sites have often been out of cell phone range, however, there is always a vehicle and someone ready to drive within range or to the nearest town. We have a phone at camp but campers will not be able to make phone calls whenever they want, it is used only when absolutely needed. Campers will not be permitted to leave camp except by the request of the parent/guardian.

10. What type of activities are there?

They vary slightly every year but usually: swimming, archery, climbing, zip‐lining, relay races, tubing, and team‐building games.

11. Does camp get cancelled if it rains the whole week?

Being B.C., it is usually a given that it will rain at least once during camp. WE STILL HAVE CAMP if it rains ‐ we even had snow one year! The dining tent is large enough to fit everyone, so there is somewhere dry (as well as the tents) for campers to go if it does rain.

12. What is included in the camp fee?

The fee covers the cost of camp, food and a t‐shirt.

13. Can I come visit my child?

We ask that if you feel it’s necessary to come visit, that you speak to and receive permission from the camp coordinator.