Our Purpose

Communicating the life changing message of Jesus Christ through allegorical story-living and relational real-life teaching of children and potential leaders in an outdoor setting, as a ministry of the local church.

King Road Church

TREK Camp Ministries is coordinated by a leadership team comprised of members from churches in the Vancouver and Abbotsford region area. As an organization that is officially under the umbrella of King Road Church, TREK is a not for profit camp, that is fully covered under the insurance of King Road Church. TREK Camps are held each summer, with the planning for the camps occurring on a regular and ongoing basis throughout the rest of the year.


TREK Camp takes place at a different location each summer. The camp is fully self sufficient and offers campers the chance to experience an exciting week in the wilderness. Transportation to and from King Road MB Church in Abbotsford on the first and last day of camp is the responsibility of the parents / guardians. If a camper has been in contact with any communicable disease, he / she must be examined by a doctor or public health nurse before coming to camp. No camper will be permitted to leave camp except by the request of the parent or guardian. Fees will not be refunded. Our volunteers (counsellors & support staff) are adults and young people from local area evangelical churches. They are screened and trained in their specific duties and chosen to serve based on Christian values. All staff undergo a criminal record check. TREK Camp has certified first aid staff to ensure the health and safety of campers and staff. Our kitchen staff are “Food Safe” qualified and offer wholesome, balanced meals.