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The year is 1793. Europe’s sights are set on the vast new continent to the west: The Americas. In the unpredictable wilderness of Canada, two companies battle for dominance of the fur trade and race to explore uncharted new trade routes. As explorers delve deeper and deeper into the Pacific Northwest, a need for a route to the ocean emerges. Quests for the Northwest Passage have failed. Whispers of a path along the Columbia River spread like wildfire from fort to fort. The question is, does such a route really exist? And if it does, who will be the first to claim it: The Northwest Company, a haphazard group of plucky underdogs, or the Hudson’s Bay Company who will use any means to achieve their goals? Glory and riches are on the line. Not all will survive the treacherous journey.

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Camp Dates 2017

Week One  July 10 – 15  Grades 3 – 5
Week Two  July 17 – 22  Grades 6 – 7
Week Three  July 24 – 29  Grades 8 – 9


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TREK Camp 2016 | The Resistance